Liberati, Dom: Humans

Dom Liberati: Humans
Title: Humans
Label: CD Baby

When Dom Liberati picked up the bass at age 12, he immediately knew a life of music was what he wanted. He quickly fell in love with the styles of The Police, Sting, U2, Pete Yorn, Switchfoot, and Jimmy Eat World to name a few, and did his best to mimic their talents. Ignited by the passion to be a songwriter and performer, he formed a band with his very talented cousin, BC, who played drums and sang. 'We hammered out our first few songs and played them to death in the basements of each of our houses,' Liberati explains. 'It was the first time in my life that I felt absolutely certain about what I wanted my for my life. There was a fresh hope and connection in music that always moved me. I just had to find the right outlet.' After having been taken under the wing of national recording artist, BC's father, BE Taylor, Liberati tried to learn as much as he could from both BE and his guitarist/producer sidekick, Rick Witkowski, who is renown in the Pittsburgh/Weirton area. 'I basically just followed those guys around and took notes. I am very blessed to have always had their guidance.' Dom and BC were the chief songwriters in the Ohio Valley regional success, The Way, for almost six years. Most of their bigger shows were opening for acts such as BE Taylor and Donnie Iris at venues like the Capitol Music Hall in Wheeling,WV, The Hard Rock Cafe in Pittsburgh,PA, and several other small clubs spanning from Pittsburgh to Canton, OH. "We started gaining ground, but there was no cohesiveness. For the first time I felt as if I was missing out on something, and I think BC felt the same way." In the summer of 2006, Dom called it quits with The Way, and made arrangements to record his debut album entitled, "Humans." "Basically, I needed a format change, but with the same talents as before. I wanted to stay as musically flexible as possible, and BC and I felt this was the best way," says Liberati. Flexibility is ultimately what makes "Humans" stand out among most projects. Liberati attempted to use as many talented people he knew on the project, including BC and guitar phenom, Chris Price. "Chris, BC, and I make up the staple performers of the album, but so many of my dear friends contributed exactly where each fit, and that made it all the better." Liberati produced the album mostly himself, with the priceless guidance of Rick Witkowski. "Every single person who contributed in any way to this album made it what it is. I wouldn't change a thing about it. I can't even begin to describe how excited I am to see how people react to it. The message of the song "Humans" was the theme of what I am always trying to get across. It was the connection and the universal triumph and struggle we all face every day. Every other song on the album fit perfectly inside this theme," explains Liberati. Liberati is currently attending Malone College, majoring in Commercial Music Technology, playing football there as well, while touring in the surrounding area.

1.1 From the Start
1.2 Don't Give Up on You
1.3 Awakened
1.4 Back in My Heart
1.5 Lax
1.6 Humans
1.7 Anthem
1.8 All So Right
1.9 Buried
1.10 Fireflies
1.11 Do You Know?
1.12 Stars of July

Liberati, Dom: Humans

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