Descender: Descender

Descender: Descender
Title: Descender
Artist: Descender
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501392723
Genre: Heavy Metal

What others are saying about Descender: 'Brooklyn-based outfit Descender are one of the premier hardcore bands ripping it's way onto the at times boring NYC scene. The dudes don't fuck around with any trend bullshit. It's Self-Titled, self-released debut is core at it's finest. Think equal parts Unbroken, Snapcase and Quicksand. This is heartfelt, authentic shit. Look out for these dudes as they crush their way to the forefront.' - 'Descender constructs melodic songs without losing the hardcore killer instinct. And the best part of Descender is that it sounds like a classic hardcore band, but the music is never verse-chorus-verse. The line 'this will end!' in 'Breaking' could easily pass for a classic hardcore mantra, while the main riff sounds like something out of Steve Albini's brain with metal kung-kungs breaking it up.'...'On 'And So We Marched,' Morris and George prove to be as important to the band as the dueling guitars up front. The song is essentially the band's sole slow groove song, and it's a sign that melodic hardcore not only ain't dead, it's being reborn.' - NY Press 'Angularly aggressive hardcore that takes an abrasive shape on purpose.' - CMJ 'Creating music that is well versed in the tradition of NYC underground heaviness, this unit does a solid job in projecting a relentless sense of immediacy with enough lung-ripping refrains that stick in your head for days while implementing the kind of Sick of it All-esque moments of infectious melody that call for immediate pile-ons ("Crooked Teeth"). Fusing the indomitable spirit of DIY hardcore with a jagged blend of modern hardcore punk brutality and indie rock dexterity, Descender has developed a specific strand of blunt heaviness that doles out qualities you can still feel ok about throwing elbows to with rounds of stellar musicianship that transcend the throwback tag' - The Deli Magazine, NYC 'Riffy Punks' - 'Sonic Tidal Wave' - Connect, Savannah GA 'Right off the bat, I was impressed with what I heard. The band has a great early 90s throwback sound. Think Quicksand and Helmet and you are on the right track.....The band has a great mix of powerful guitar chords and screamed vocals. They won me over that night and I look forward to seeing them again.' - 'If you haven't seen my earlier posts championing how fucking bad ass these guys are, picture Helmet in 1991 mixed with Unsane and Quicksand only without backwards hats or airwalks.' - SceneKidsInPain.

1.1 Spit and Stare
1.2 Build Then Destroy
1.3 Breaking
1.4 Crooked Teeth
1.5 From All Sides
1.6 In Due Time

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Descender: Descender


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