Sherinian, Derek: Planet X

Derek Sherinian: Planet X
Title: Planet X
Artist: Sherinian, Derek
Label: Magna Carta
UPC: 889466307829
Genre: Rock

The 1999 debut solo album from the extraordinarily talented keyboardist who has played with Dream Theater, Yngwie Malmsteen's band and many more!This is one wild ride of an album as Sherinian explores his diverse interests in jazz, metal, rock, fusion and more!Also features bass work from Tony Franklin and liner notes from the one and only Alice Cooper!

1.1 Atlantis: Apocalypse 1470 B.C.
1.2 Atlantis: Sea Of Antiquity
1.3 Atlantis: Lost Island
1.4 Crab Nebulae
1.5 Money Shot
1.6 Box
1.7 Day In The Sun
1.8 State Of Delirium
1.9 Space Martini
1.10 Brunei Babylon

Sherinian, Derek: Planet X


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