Darling, Dennis: One Step Forward Two Steps Back

Dennis Darling: One Step Forward Two Steps Back
Title: One Step Forward Two Steps Back
Label: CD Baby

The year my daughter Rachel was born, I wrote a song called 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back' about how hard it is to break out of habit and how we are changed by necessity and by forces beyond our control, if we are ever changed at all. My daughter is now teaching Jr. High in Oregon while I seem to be continuing to write songs that voices never share, to use the old 'Sounds Of Silence' line, and wondering where the years have gone. I have enough songs rotting away in notebooks to fill ten more CD's, and a head full of ideas that are drivin' me insane, to use the old 'Maggie's Farm' line. A few years ago, I threatened to become a person who could only speak in song lyrics, my own included. This didn't seem to please anyone, myself included, so I try to avoid it. But the lines from songs of every style and genre and time period keep popping into my head anyway. It's a disease, I guess. And the more songs I learn, the more lines there are. So...I guess I'll never be cured..whoopee! If you like things that are somewhat off of the beaten path, you will enjoy my songs, I hope.

1.1 Whatever Floats Your Boat
1.2 Walking Around in My Sleep
1.3 Blues for Mary
1.4 Night Rain
1.5 Onnda
1.6 The Good Thief
1.7 Prarie Sunrise
1.8 Turn Around Now
1.9 Rapunzel
1.10 A Simple Fool
1.11 One Step Forward, Two Steps Back
1.12 Vesper's Flipflop
1.13 Mary Etta
1.14 Trouble
1.15 How Long?

Darling, Dennis: One Step Forward Two Steps Back

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