Daylight Robbery: Moons Of Jupiter

Daylight Robbery: Moons Of Jupiter
Title: Moons Of Jupiter
Label: Melting Pot Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Intergalactic Jazz fused with Hip-Hop - Think Nujabes and Pete Rock remix a Lonnie Liston Smith album arranged by David Axelrod. We realise that's far too much name-dropping for two sentences, but it describes the sound and vision of UK born producer Rob Waite aka Daylight Robbery quite well. Rob grew up in London and Frankfurt before moving to Brooklyn, New York where "Moons of Jupiter" - his first album for Melting Pot Music - was recorded. "The sonic identity of the music is my homage to all the amazing jazz fusion records that came out between 71 and 74, fused with a 90s Hip-Hop vibe I struggle to get away from" Rob explains. "With the help of some amazing musician friends I was able to move beyond loop based sampling techniques and take a step towards a more free flowing Jazz focused energy." The album title "Moons of Jupiter" and the song titles refers to the 80 known moons of Jupiter that form a satellite system called the Jovian system. 12 of these moons are visited throughout the listening experience, starting in the light and progressively moving into darkness. The album will be available on LP and digital. The artwork has been created by Cologne-based illustrator Giza One.

1.1 Pandia
1.2 Europa
1.3 Galilean Moons
1.4 Kore
1.5 Thebe
1.6 Himilia
1.7 Ersa
1.8 Elara
1.9 Starburst
1.10 Carpo
1.11 Moon Of Jupiter
1.12 Shade

Daylight Robbery: Moons Of Jupiter

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