Krajacic, Damjan: In Retrospect

Damjan Krajacic: In Retrospect
Title: In Retrospect
Label: CD Baby

IN RETROSPECT is a musical journey of this five-piece Latin-Jazz band, featuring interesting flute work of Damjan Krajacic and great playing by some masterful musicians - Serge Kasimoff (piano), Rigoberto Lopez (bass), Conrad 'Coky' Garcia (drums) and Joey De Leon (congas and percussion). Co-produced by Danilo Lozano and Damjan, the record features seven original compositions and two re-touched standards, all of which emphasize raw emotions interpreted through sincere, groovy and yet delicate music. What makes this group of musicians interesting and unique are the varied backgrounds and approaches of different players. Coky brings to the band his extreme energy and colorful drum playing that drives the band. Joey complements this rhythmic intensity with his percussive voice, constantly switching his role by either being a pure rhythmic force, improvising melodic phrases, or creating a texture that complements the music. Rigoberto's bass playing is a groove in itself. His rhythmic sensibility and unique phrasing give the music a new dimension. On top of this incredibly organic rhythmic layer, Serge's piano lays down beautifully voiced harmony, creating a mood and uniquely defining each song. The flute then floats on top, emphasizing fine nuances of it's voice through lyrical melodies and rhythmic interplay with the band.

1.1 Peacefully
1.2 Private Conversation
1.3 In Retrospect
1.4 All Blues
1.5 An Impression
1.6 Consider That
1.7 Dual Vision
1.8 With You
1.9 Armando's Rhumba

Krajacic, Damjan: In Retrospect

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