Ctulu: Sarkomand

Ctulu: Sarkomand
Title: Sarkomand
Artist: Ctulu
Label: Black Blood Records
Product Type: VINYL LP
UPC: 4250088503665
Genre: Pop, Heavy Metal

Having a powerful member line-up featuring Junge and Uekert both on guitar and vocal duties, Roman Szymura (AEBA) on drums and Lasse Bodenstein on bass, the Germans are now working on their fourth full-length which will see a return to the catchy, straightforward - but not lacking in atmosphere - black metal which is found on Sarkomand.

1.1 Arckanum Der Tiefen
1.2 Sarkomand
1.3 Nachtwind
1.4 Traumturm
1.5 Gezeitenstürme
1.6 Windschreiter
1.7 Blindes Chaos
1.8 Mondsucht

Ctulu: Sarkomand

Product-type:VINYL LP

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