Cosmic Wool: Cosmic Wool

Cosmic Wool: Cosmic Wool
Title: Cosmic Wool
Label: Nemesis Records

Formed from the ashes of Anti-Mortem (Nuclear Blast Records), Cosmic Wool is a little less metal tinged, opting to pull things back and go straight down the traditional rock route and even experimenting with electronics and keyboards - something that never would have happened in their previous "life." The material on the band's self-titled full length is a very personal affair and the culmination of years of tearing down and rebuilding.

1.1 Hole for My Head
1.2 Moonstone
1.3 I Met a Girl
1.4 Nina Cherry
1.5 Only Two
1.6 Flower of the Garden
1.7 What I've Been Up to All Alone
1.8 #Lonely

Cosmic Wool: Cosmic Wool

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