Colinwud: Jehovah

Colinwud: Jehovah
Title: Jehovah
Artist: Colinwud
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501345651
Genre: Christian

The name Colinwud represents Albert and Grace Collingwoode Williams who have been married since June 2005. As recording and performing artistes, they have chosen to wear a modified form of their middle name as their music name. Their music is diverse, including Hip-Gospel (their blend of contemporary gospel music), traditional African praise and worship, European and American gospel music. Their fusion of the Traditional African Highlife rhythms with Hip pop, Reggae and Ragga distinguishes them. Their music is in both English and their native dialect; Ashanti of Ghana. Their album Jehovah, also has Swahili on it. They are now based in MA in U.S.A. Their recent album Jehovah was inspired by their vision to share the love of Christ with the lost and beckon Christians into the holy of holies (place of worship). However, their specific goal for this album is to minister to people of different age groups and backgrounds through diverse kinds of music. They have an inspiring story regarding their music background. Albert's music journey has it's roots in his family. Both his Grandfather and his dad were into music. Growing up, Albert's musical ears started developing as he listened to the rich African tunes his dad played at home and at work. By the age of 10 years Albert was composing songs with ease, without any formal musical training or ability to play any musical instrument. However, this unique gift was not taken serious until he became a Christian in 1991. After his conversion, his passion for souls led him into saying this prayer to God, 'I want to evangelize, but I don't think I am bold enough. However, I know that I am gifted in music so please use my music gift to minster to others'. That prayer was that which ushered Albert into serious music ministry. After that prayer he started receiving heavenly songs during his prayer time. He has written and composed over 150 songs through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. He released his first solo album at the age of 16 years with a hit track entitled 'I have a God in my life'. He went on to release 2 more albums with Rescue Singers. In Aug. 2010 he released is recent album titled 'JEHOVAH' together with his wife. In the U.S.A he was part of Dr. Kingsley Fletcher's Life Community Church choir in Durham, North Carolina. Now he is the leader of the PIWC Choir in Church of Pentecost, his local church. For Grace, growing up she usually saw her father playing the acoustic guitar whiles her mother sung along. This made her develop a good taste for music. She started singing at the age of 5 years. After she gave her life to Christ in 1994 as a teenager, she became the third person in a group called "Shekinah Melodians". Grace has a beautiful silky voice and also plays the guitar.

1.1 Yesu Reba
1.2 Wo Sesa Ade Nyinaa
1.3 Worship Medley
1.4 Bue M'ani
1.5 Me Nyame
1.6 Bre Woho Ase
1.7 Gangster No More
1.8 Arise
1.9 Nyankopon
1.10 Me Nyame Wo Tumi
1.11 Mama Don't Cry
1.12 Gangster No More
1.13 Worship Medley [Instrumental]

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Colinwud: Jehovah


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