Halo: Halo Infinite (Original Soundtrack) [Black Vinyl]

Coker, Gareth / Corelitz, Joel / Schweitzer, Curtis: Halo Infinite (Original Soundtrack) [Black Vinyl]
Title: Halo Infinite (Original Soundtrack) [Black Vinyl]
Label: Mondo
Product Type: VINYL LP

Halo Infinite - Original Video Game Soundtrack 2XLP Mondo, and XBOX Game Studios are proud to present the soundtrack to the highly anticipated sequel, HALO INFINITE. Mondo - Halo Infinite Original Soundtrack

1.1 Zeta Halo
1.2 The Banished
1.3 Gbraakon Escape
1.4 Escharum
1.5 Foundations
1.6 Know My Legend
2.1 Reverie
2.2 The Road
2.3 Tower
2.4 Through the Trees
2.5 Conservatory
2.6 Endless
3.1 Spire
3.2 Heavy Artillery
3.3 Under Cover
3.4 Command Spire
3.5 Control Room
4.1 Never Tell Me the Odds
4.2 Test of Mettle
4.3 Palace Arrival
4.4 Silent Auditorium
4.5 Judgment

Halo: Halo Infinite (Original Soundtrack) [Black Vinyl]

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Product-type:VINYL LP

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