Clinic: Wheeltappers And Shunters

Clinic: Wheeltappers And Shunters
Title: Wheeltappers And Shunters
Label: Domino

After an unprecedented seven year break, Clinic - Liverpool's cherished post-punk pop experimentalists - return with album number eight. The unusual name is taken from the long-forgotten 1970s ITV variety show The Wheeltappers and Shunters Social Club, compered by Bernard Manning, which recreated the smoky, boozy atmosphere of Northern working men's clubs for a sofa-bound audience. This album is neither a celebration nor a denigration of the culture of the era in which Adrian Blackburn and his collaborator-in-chief, Jonathan Hartley, grew up.

1.1 Laughing Cavalier
1.2 Complex
1.3 Rubber Bullets
1.4 Tiger
1.5 Ferryboat of the Mind
1.6 Mirage
1.7 D.I.S.C.I.P.L.E
1.8 Flying Fish
1.9 Be Yourself/Year of the Sadist
1.10 Congratulations
1.11 Rejoice!
1.12 New Equations (At the Copacabana)

Clinic: Wheeltappers And Shunters

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