Riffle, Chris: Sun Is Up

Chris Riffle: Sun Is Up
Title: Sun Is Up
Label: CD Baby

Singer/ songwriter Chris Riffle has hit the ground running with his first album, 'The Sun Is Up'. A sexy twist of modern day pop and indie-boi love, Riffle is bound to shake up our emotions. Through out his new release he tastefully takes us on an adventure though first love,lustful fantasies, and the never ending coming to terms. With Riffles' complex instrumental talent and thought provoking lyrics, I feel confident saying he is our next Elliot Smith, and so much more. For Chris Riffle, the sun is definantly up. -Brian Marchand Personal Bio: I started out on the music scene in high school as a member of a lounge band, influenced by the likes of Combustible Edison, The B-52s and Antonio Carlos Jobim. For a high school band we achieved surprising recognition, opening for bands such as Dub Narcotic, Some Velvet Sidewalk, Irving Claw Trio and Hovercraft. In college I started to branch out on my own. I was majoring in audio engineering and recorded some pop songs which I brought to the local college station. I didn't expect college students to appreciate happy pop songs with edginess and anger ruling the airwaves. To my surprise, my songs started getting a lot of requests, and I was approached by a couple labels to record an album. Unfortunately, due to disputes between the producer and engineer no progress was made toward the release of my album. Eventually I decided to take matters into my own hands and release it myself. The Sun is Up is about 80% solo work. I play classical, steel string and electric guitar, bass and piano. I had help from an excellent drummer and a talented assortment of other musicians on mandolin, organ, cello, upright bass, and backing vocals... I've been compared a lot to Ben Lee. In particular his album, 'Grandpa Would,' where he basically sings catchy songs about crushes and hanging onto the idealistic approach to love. My album is very similar. As a solo artist I've opened for Mary Lou Lord and Death Cab for Cutie. Currently I'm playing shows in the Seattle and Bellingham areas and working on my second album...

1.1 Brief Love Song
1.2 5th Grade
1.3 Wonderboy
1.4 More Than Myself
1.5 360 Degrees
1.6 Losing My Head
1.7 Pass the Night
1.8 Rock Star Girl
1.9 Xy Boy
1.10 False Image
1.11 Hang Onto Yourself
1.12 The Sun Is Up
1.13 Jumpin' Up
1.14 Everything

Riffle, Chris: Sun Is Up

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