Black, Chris: Illinois Kentucky & Tennessee

Chris Black: Illinois Kentucky & Tennessee
Title: Illinois Kentucky & Tennessee
Artist: Black, Chris
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501397209
Genre: Folk

Chris Black on Illinois, Kentucky, and Tennessee - 'When I first started recording songs for the album I really had no idea that I was. My friend, Ry Evans, and I would record in his studio (Stagger In Nashville, TN) for the fun of it. After we recorded a few songs and were lucky enough to get some really amazing musician's in on the songs we realized we had some great stuff. We always wanted to make the songs sound match the lyrical content as much as possible. I really wanted the album to be like a collection of short stories and I think that comes across in the final product. I think we achieved a great recorded sound without sounding to over-produced. A lot of people think the album sounds like it was recorded on analog which I think is a great compliment to receive. Too much music, in this day and age, winds up sounding like it's made of plastic and I feel like the album has really organic tones for the most part. I'm really proud of it and I hope you enjoy what you hear.'

1.1 Alone
1.2 The Purgatory Blues
1.3 Red Doors
1.4 Il, Ky, and TN
1.5 Shade Tree
1.6 Hush
1.7 Guard
1.8 Misty Rivers
1.9 Birds of a Feather
1.10 Just North of Nashville
1.11 Californias Cold

Black, Chris: Illinois Kentucky & Tennessee


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