Chlara: Unstoppable

Chlara: Unstoppable
Title: Unstoppable
Label: Evosound

Singer-songwriter Chlara's debut studio album Unstoppable, with a name so telling of the 11 radio friendly songs in the album. With the Switzerland based producer Adrien Zerbini, Chlara recorded this list of cool, engaging pop originals, featuring tracks like the endearing 'You Complete Me', a secret love letter to Chlara's big time crushes Daniel Padilla and Migz Haleco; 'Unstoppable', a refreshing pop alternativefor your playlists; And which girl doesn't dream of a perfect guy to end the hunt for Mr. Right? - Chlara says it all to her perfect one on the track 'Perfect You & Me'. Plug in your ear buds and let this talentedyoung lady blow you away with her sweet charm and refreshing tunes.

1.1 Unstoppable
1.2 You Complete Me
1.3 Perfect You and Me
1.4 Take Care (Duet with Kennard Faraon)
1.5 Me Without You
1.6 What We Have Is Love
1.7 Come Find Me
1.8 Can't Have Me Now
1.9 Do You
1.10 Bliss
1.11 You Complete Me (Acoustic Version)

Chlara: Unstoppable

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