Chet Atkins: Mr Guitar: Complete Recordings 1955-60

Chet Atkins: Mr Guitar: Complete Recordings 1955-60
Title: Mr Guitar: Complete Recordings 1955-60
Label: Bear Family

I (had) promised myself I was going to be one of the greats, one of the really good guitar players, like Chet Atkins, when I was a kid,' - John Fogerty, from a 2004 interviewIn a career that stretched over a half century, master guitarist Chet Atkins recorded nearly one hundred albums under his own name. Many consider the albums included here, made between 1955 and 1960, as his definitive work. Moving beyond traditional country, Chet Atkins created a vast new audience with 'Chet Atkins In Three Dimensions,' 'Stringin' Along With Chet Atkins,' 'Finger-Style Guitar,' 'Hi-Fi In Focus' and 'Chet Atkins At Home. ' They weren't country albums, though they included country tunes. They weren't jazz records, but they featured jazz and pop standards. They offered melodies by Bach, Brahms and Chopin, but they were hardly classical records. They included compositions by Ernesto Lecuona, but they're not flamenco. This seven-CD box also includes 'Mister Guitar,' 'Teensville,' 'Chet Atkins' Workshop' and his acoustic Spanish guitar set, 'The Other Chet Atkins. ' Tracks from the orchestrated Living Stereo classic 'Chet Atkins In Hollywood' appear here in their original, superior 1958 versions. Many other numbers only appeared on singles or EPs, including tracks issued as 'The Rhythm Rockers Featuring Chet Atkins. ' Sixteen RCA Victor masters and alternate takes here were previously unissued. Also included are tracks from two abandoned projects: My Brother Sings (featuring Jim Atkins on vocals) and an Elvis Presley tribute. Twenty SESAC recordings (never commercially available) and the 1959 'Hum And Strum' LP are also included. This set is the summation of Chet Atkins' art. Budding and seasoned guitarists alike spent hours with these albums trying to unscramble Chet Atkins' technique. The list of musicians indebted to his groundbreaking virtuosity is enormous: Jerry Reed, Carl Perkins, Lenny Breau,... Read more at: https://www. Bear-family. #de/

1.1 Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White
1.2 Dance with Me, Henry
1.3 Darling, Je Vous Aime Beaucoup
1.4 Tweedle Dee
1.5 Hey, Mr. Guitar (Hey, Mr. Banjo)
1.6 Unchained Melody
1.7 Tennessee Polka
1.8 Blues in the Night
1.9 Black Mountain Rag
1.10 Somebody Stole My Gal
1.11 Shine on Harvest Moon
1.12 Jingle Bells
1.13 Christmas Carols
1.14 Cecilia
1.15 Arrivederci, Roma
1.16 Sleigh Bells, Reindeer and Snow (Pos. M. Atkins)
1.17 New Spanish Two Step
1.18 Intermezzo
1.19 Tendery
1.20 Minute Waltz
1.21 Minuet
1.22 From French Harpsichord Suite, Prelude from
1.23 Six Short Preludes
1.24 SCHöN Rosmarie
1.25 Tip-Toe Through the Tulips with Me
1.26 Arkansaw Traveler
1.27 Little Rock Getaway
1.28 Ochi Chornya (Dark Eyes)
1.29 Londonderry Air
1.30 La Golondrina (The Swallow)
1.31 The Poor People of Paris (Jean's Song)
1.32 Honey
1.33 The Poor People of...(Jean's Song)(2nd Ver.)
1.34 Honey (2nd Version)
2.1 The Lady Loves Me
2.2 New Spanish Two Step (; Hank Snow)
2.3 Reminiscing (; Hank Snow)
2.4 Memphis Blues
2.5 Oh! By Jingo
2.6 Hello Ma Baby
2.7 Indian Love Call
2.8 Alice Blue Gown
2.9 The Third Man Theme
2.10 Blue Gypsy
2.11 St. Louis Blues
2.12 Dance of the Golden Rod
2.13 Gavotte in D
2.14 Malaguena
2.15 Glow Worm
2.16 In the Mood
2.17 Heartaches
2.18 Swedish Rhapsody
2.19 Waltz in A-Flat
2.20 Adelita
2.21 Petite Waltz
2.22 Liza
2.23 Trambone
2.24 Peanut Vendor
2.25 Blue Echo
2.26 Tricky
2.27 Martinique
2.28 Dig These Blues
2.29 Colonial Ballroom
2.30 Midnight
3.1 El Cumbanchero
3.2 Anna
3.3 Tiger Rag
3.4 Jitterbug Waltz
3.5 Lullaby
3.6 August Moon
3.7 Beloved
3.8 I Feel It in My Soul
3.9 The Lord Done Brought Him Out
3.10 The Red Leaves of Autumn
3.11 Because
3.12 No Greater Love
3.13 It's About Time
3.14 Don't Tease My Heart
3.15 Fascinating Melody
3.16 Moon Over Burma
3.17 A Great Love
3.18 My Love Will Never Grow Old
3.19 Saw Mill River Road
3.20 Delightful Interlude
3.21 Head Over Heels
3.22 I Must Be Losing My Heart
3.23 I Won't Cry Anymore
3.24 When It's Cherry Blossom Time
3.25 Portuguese Washerwoman
3.26 You Do Something to Me
3.27 Shadow Waltz
3.28 Walk Don't Run
3.29 Tara's Theme
3.30 Lullaby of the Leaves
4.1 Ain't Misbehavin'
4.2 Avorada
4.3 Bourrã©E
4.4 Johnson Rag
4.5 Yesterdays
4.6 Hidden Charm
4.7 You're Just in Love
4.8 Don't Blame Me
4.9 Jungle Drums
4.10 Czardas
4.11 Martha
4.12 Sophisticated Lady
4.13 April in Portugal
4.14 Nagasaki
4.15 Muskrat Ramble
4.16 Say 'Si Si'
4.17 Ay Ay Ay
4.18 Yankee Doodle Dixie
4.19 In the Chapel in the Moonlight
4.20 Vilia
4.21 Siesta
4.22 Jessie
4.23 Slinkey
4.24 Asleep in the Deep (Jim Atkins: Vocal)
4.25 Out of Nowhere (Jim Atkins: Vocal)
4.26 Even Tho' (Jim Atkins: Vocal)
4.27 When Day Is Done (Jim Atkins: Vocal)
4.28 I'll Be with You in Apple Blossom Time (Jim
4.29 Atkins: Vocal)
4.30 Swanee River (Jim Atkins: Vocal):
5.1 My Funny Valentine
5.2 I Know That You Know
5.3 Zing Went the Strings of My Heart
5.4 I'm Forever Blowing Bubbles
5.5 Country Style
5.6 Estrellita
5.7 Little Old Lady
5.8 Let It Be Me
5.9 Meet Mister Callaghan
5.10 Santa Lucia
5.11 Armen's Theme
5.12 Theme from Picnic
5.13 The Three Bells
5.14 The Theme from Limelight
5.15 Greensleeves
5.16 Theme from a Dream
5.17 Peek a Boo Moon
5.18 Backwoods
5.19 Walkin' the Strings
5.20 Beautiful Brown Eyes
5.21 Tennessee Waltz
5.22 Birmingham Jail
5.23 The Prisoner's Song
5.24 In the Good Old Summertime
5.25 Titanic
5.26 Cold Cold Heart
5.27 John Henry
5.28 Goodnight Irene
5.29 Music! Music! Music!
6.1 Bill Bailey
6.2 Sweet Bunch of Daisies
6.3 Hello Bluebird
6.4 Rainbow
6.5 Country Gentleman
6.6 Piano Concerto in C Minor
6.7 Show Me the Way to Go Home
6.8 Django's Castle (Manoir de Mes Reves)
6.9 Blackjack
6.10 Boo Boo Stick Beat
6.11 Blue Rhapsody
6.12 Til There Was You
6.13 High Noon
6.14 Take a Message to Mary
6.15 Sleep Walk
6.16 Night Train
6.17 One Mint Julep
6.18 Come Softly to Me
6.19 White Silver Sands
6.20 Hot Toddy
6.21 Hot Toddy (Different Take)
6.22 Till There Was You
6.23 Teensville
6.24 Oh, Lonesome Me
6.25 Delicado-Sabrosa
6.26 Maria Elena
6.27 Marcheta
6.28 Begin the Beguine
6.29 Poinciana (Song of the Tree)
6.30 Yours
7.1 Siboney
7.2 El Relicario
7.3 Tzena, Tzena, Tzena
7.4 The Street of Laredo
7.5 Lambeth Walk
7.6 In a Little Spanish Town
7.7 Lullaby of Birdland
7.8 Hot Mocking Bird
7.9 Tammy
7.10 Goofus
7.11 Theme from 'A Summer Place'
7.12 Whispering
7.13 Marie
7.14 Bonita
7.15 Whatever Will Be, Will Be
7.16 Sleep
7.17 Rainbow's End
7.18 Theme from 'The Dark at the Top of the Stair'
7.19 Hocus Pocus
7.20 Blue Moon of Kentucky
7.21 Heartbreak Hotel
7.22 It's Now or Never
7.23 Bonus:
7.24 Warm All Over (From 'The Most Happy Fella')
7.25 (Eddy Arnold: Vocal)
7.26 Big D (From 'The Most Happy Fella') (Eddy
7.27 Arnold: Vocal)
7.28 Don't Cry (From 'The Most Happy Fella') (Eddy
7.29 Standing on the Corner (From 'The Most Happy
7.30 Fella') (Eddy Arnold: Vocal)
7.31 Why Don't You Leave Me Alone
7.32 Empty Slippers

Chet Atkins: Mr Guitar: Complete Recordings 1955-60

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