Carbona: Vingue No Ringue

Carbona: Vingue No Ringue
Title: Vingue No Ringue
Label: Waterslide Import

Carbona is a Brazilian bubblegum punk band formed in 1998. Soon after releasing debut album "Go Carbona Go" by Canadian label AMP Recs, the band toured across the U.S.A. and Canada with bands like Marky Ramone and The Intruders, Chixdiggit and Groovie Ghoulies. This is their 10th album. CARBONA is one of the rarest Ramonescore band who's loved around the world.

1.1 Inacreditável
1.2 Os Bons Companheiros
1.3 Uma Carta, Três Espadas
1.4 Tom Araya
1.5 O Lado Negro Da Força
1.6 Tão Distante
1.7 Camisa Preta
1.8 Escafandro
1.9 Eu Automaticamente
1.10 Impreterivelmente

Carbona: Vingue No Ringue

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