Candidate: Oxengate

Candidate: Oxengate
Title: Oxengate
Label: Snowstorm

This is the 2007 follow up to their Under the Skylon album from '05 but musically, it is closer in spirit to their 2002 classic Muada. Oxengate sees Candidate collaborating with musicians ranging from long-time Beth Gibbons collaborator Jason Hazeley to Broken Family Band main man Steven Adams. Snowstorm.

1.1 Furlough
1.2 Going Back to Amsterdam
1.3 Cast Into the Storm
1.4 Field Recording 1
1.5 Harryhausen
1.6 Tiny Tim
1.7 Field Recording 7
1.8 Swear It Will Snow
1.9 Everlasting Arm
1.10 When They Rose from the Reeds
1.11 Wesley
1.12 Avro No.1
1.13 Marie Alexander
1.14 On Every Stone
1.15 Sky
1.16 Field Recording 4

Candidate: Oxengate

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