Mulvihill, Brendan: Flax in Bloom

Brendan Mulvihill: Flax in Bloom
Title: Flax in Bloom
Artist: Mulvihill, Brendan
Label: Green Linnet
UPC: 048248102025
Genre: International

1.1 Reels: The Flax in Bloom / the Honeymoon
1.2 Jig: Crabs in the Skillet
1.3 Hornpipes: The Concertina / the Circus
1.4 Reels: The Mullingar Races / Miss Thornton's
1.5 Air: Lament for O'Donnell
1.6 Reels: John Grady's Downfall / the Flogging Reel
1.7 Reels: The Pigeon on the Gate / Miss Monahan's
1.8 Jig: Doctor O'Neill's
1.9 Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / the Brigade
1.10 Reels: Fermoy Lassies / Bunker Hill
1.11 Jigs: Hardlman's Fancy / Billy Rush's Own
1.12 Reels: First House in Connaught / Dairy Maid

Mulvihill, Brendan: Flax in Bloom


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