Bradley, Brendan: Contingent on Love

Brendan Bradley: Contingent on Love
Title: Contingent on Love
Artist: Bradley, Brendan
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 884501400558
Genre: Rock

At age 14 Brendan Bradley bartered a guitar from his parents for the piano lessons he'd been taking for the past 8 years. Not having a history of sticking with things, a used Yamaha was rented for a four month period of time with expectation of returning to the piano after a trimester of looking at a guitar case. Four months later the rest of the balance was paid on the tired Yamaha and Brendan had his first guitar. Brendan is the son of an Irishman and the mid west and he remains true to the storytelling nature of both cultures. His melody laden music has an easily accessible sound combined with relatable but substantial lyrics. His first album, 'This Poet's Dream,' was recorded on a thin budget and in three days in 2004. Since then Brendan has played college towns and dives throughout the Mid West. His latest project, 'Contingent On Love,' is a much anticipated release from his followers both domestically and internationally.

1.1 Shy
1.2 Drunken Sentiments
1.3 Courtroom Antics
1.4 Writing in the Sand
1.5 Thanks for the Ride
1.6 Early Days
1.7 Terry
1.8 Bill
1.9 Free Over Time [Live @ Off Broadway] [Live]
1.10 HRS [Live @ Off Broadway] [Live]
1.11 HRS [Live @ Off Broadway] [Continued] [Live]
1.12 HRS [Live @ Off Broadway] [Continued] [Live]
1.13 Photo [Live @ Off Broadway] [Live]
1.14 Shy [In Studio] [Version]
1.15 Courtroom Antics [In Studio] [Version]

Bradley, Brendan: Contingent on Love


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