Brandon Stradman: Recovery

Brandon Stradman: Recovery
Title: Recovery
Label: Smith Music Group

2014 release, the debut album from the Country singer/songwriter and his band. RECOVERY was set to be an organic record and truly took form throughout the recording process. 'We really didn't want to rush anything. We wanted to build it as it happened and if it wasn't working, we didn't want to force the issue on anything. We didn't want to make another Texas Country record. We wanted to make sure we made a Brandon Steadman Band record.'

1.1 All I'm Asking
1.2 Without Saying Goodbye
1.3 Hey Hey Tonight
1.4 Fort Worth Line
1.5 Leaving Austin
1.6 Stupid Girl
1.7 Already Gone
1.8 Stronger Than the Whiskey
1.9 Days ; Nights
1.10 When I See You Again
1.11 Who Do You Think You Are

Brandon Stradman: Recovery


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