Boy & Bear: Suck On Light

Boy & Bear: Suck On Light
Title: Suck On Light
Artist: Boy & Bear
Label: Nettwerk Records
UPC: 067003120623
Genre: Rock

Boy & Bear have weathered a personal and professional storm to deliver their fourth album, Suck On Light. It's a record they feared might never come to exist. Yet it's the very challenges they faced over the past three years, as vocalist-guitarist Dave Hosking battled a debilitating illness, that pushed them to create their finest album to date. Produced by the band and Collin Dupuis (Lana Del Rey, The Black Keys) in Nashville's Southern Ground studios, and mixed in part by Grammy Award-winning mix engineer Tom Elmhirst (Arcade Fire, Beck, Lorde, Amy Winehouse), Suck On Light is an album that takes the trademark analogue warmth of their sound and pushes it to places the Sydney quintet have never before explored.


Boy & Bear: Suck On Light


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