Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman

Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman
Title: Bonny Light Horseman
Artist: Bonny Light Horseman
Label: 37D03D
UPC: 656605350646
Genre: Folk

The timeless qualities of traditional tunes can carry us across oceans and eons, linking us not only to the past but to each other as well. It was under the banner of those eternal connections that the trio of Bonny Light Horseman came together. From festival fields and a German art hub to a snowy upstate studio and everywhere in between, the astral folk outfit-comprised of Anaïs Mitchell, Eric D. Johnson (Fruit Bats, The Shins), and Josh Kaufman (The National, Bob Weir)-is mixing the ancient, mystical medium of transatlantic traditional folk music with a contemporary, collective brush. The resulting album, Bonny Light Horseman, is an elusive kind of sonic event: a bottled blend of lightning and synergy that will excite fans of multiple genres, eras, and ages. The album features fellow 37d03d artists-in-residence Michael Lewis (bass, saxophone) and JT Bates (drums) as well as Justin Vernon, Aaron Dessner, Kate Stables, Lisa Hannigan, The Staves, Christian Lee Hutson, and more. Leaving the 2018 37d03d Berlin event with roughly 60-percent of a record, the band reconvened at Dreamland Studios in Woodstock, NY, in January 2019 to finish, bringing Lewis and Bates as well as engineer Bella Blasko along with them.

1.1 Bonny Light Horseman
1.2 Deep In Love
1.3 The Roving
1.4 Jane Jane
1.5 Blackwaterside
1.6 Magpie’s Nest
1.7 Lowlands
1.8 Mountain Rain
1.9 Bright Morning Stars
1.10 10,000 Miles

Bonny Light Horseman: Bonny Light Horseman


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