Blue Tofu: Blue Tofu

Blue Tofu: Blue Tofu
Title: Blue Tofu
Label: CD Baby

Blue Tofu is equal parts steamy downtempo grooves, trippy electronica and lounge-pop hooks, blended with a sultry dash of tasty vocals and crisp lyrics. Tim Story supplies the beats, loops and keyboards, while Andrea Mathews stirs in her seductive vocals and lyrics. The duo combines compelling songwriting with a unique, intoxicating approach to texture and atmosphere, creating a sound that Keyboard Magazine says 'defies pigeonholing'. Tim Story, multi-instrumentalist, co-writer and producer of blue tofu, is already widely known for his innovative electro-acoustic music. Story was nominated in 1989 for a Grammy award; and in 1992, his 'Beguiled' CD was nominated for a NAIRD "Best Album of the Year' Award. Story's highly-acclaimed instrumental music has consistently landed in critic's 'Top 10' lists in the Washington Post, Jazziz, Pulse Magazine, and others. Blue tofu's lyricist and vocalist, Andrea Mathews brings a vivid originality to her lyrics, and a smoky after-hours jazz lounge groove to her vocals. Barely into her twenties, Mathews already has a range and edge beyond her years. Her voice, at times haunting and hushed, at others powerful and razor-sharp, is the perfect foil for Story's exotic hooks and edgy beats. The duo spent 4 years creating the 11-song collection that became Blue Tofu. The self-titled debut also features guests Louie Simon on drums, Martha Reikow on cello, and Nino Russo on trumpet. 'Styles come and go, but it's not often you run into a CD that takes pop music in a genuinely fresh direction.' So says Jim Aiken, a senior editor at Keyboard Magazine, in his 'Spotlight Review' of blue tofu. 'The music itself defies pigeonholing. Andrea Mathew's sultry, intimate vocals tease us... and the arrangements grow like orchids'. Blending elements of intelligent dance, trip-hop, and retro jazz lounge into it's stew, Blue Tofu has indeed cooked up something special. Reviews: 'Sultry, haunting, jazzy and lyrical...' (Milwaukee Star) 'They could be big... Andrea Mathew's sultry, intimate vocals tease us with hints of Tori Amos or Rickie Lee Jones, and Tim Story's keyboard-heavy backing tracks offer a few echoes of Peter Gabriel, but that's just a journalist's way of telling you what to expect. The music itself defies pigeonholing.' (Keyboard, 'Spotlight Review') 'Andrea Mathews' singing smolders ...' (Washington Times) 'Andrea Mathews' voice is sultrier and jazzier than Sarah McLachlan's, but the comparisons will still emerge as she continues to hone a style that's already impressive in it's maturity and confidence. Tim Story's restrained electronic beats and instrumentation conjure strong emotion... Top Cuts: "Straw Men," "Wild Blue," "A Battle Between" (Music Connection)

1.1 A Battle Between
1.2 Limestone
1.3 Chemical Cupcake
1.4 Wild Blue
1.5 Tricycle
1.6 Straw Men
1.7 Gabriel
1.8 The Woman Singing
1.9 Blue Ball Box
1.10 Spiritual
1.11 Playground

Blue Tofu: Blue Tofu

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