McTell, Blind Willie: Complete L.O.C. 1940

Blind Willie McTell: Complete L.O.C. 1940
Title: Complete L.O.C. 1940
Artist: McTell, Blind Willie
Label: Document
UPC: 714298600124
Genre: Blues Traditional

This is one of the all time classic albums, everybody interested in blues should own a copy. It is quite unique, the kind of time capsule you would expect only to dream about: one that has the power to transport you back over half a century to a hotel room in Atlanta, where you can sit and listen while one of the greatest artists the music ever produced talks about the blues, about sacred songs, about his own life, about recordings, about what happened to him yesterday afternoon... And of course, while he sings and plays. The music is superb -"Delia", "Crapshooter" and "Chainey" are classic McTell songs, while his bottleneck 12-String guitar playing on some of the sacred numbers is a joy to listen to. Every home should have one

1.1 Just As Well Get Ready, You Got to Die/Climbing High Mountains, Tryin' to Get Home
1.2 Monologue on Accidents
1.3 Boll Weevil
1.4 Delia
1.5 Dying Crapshooter's Blues
1.6 Will Fox
1.7 I Got to Cross the River Jordan
1.8 Monologue on Old Songs/Old Time Religion/Amen
1.9 Amazing Grace
1.10 Monologue on History of the Blues/Monologue on Life As Maker of Records/Monologue on Himself
1.11 King Edward Blues
1.12 Murderer's Home Blues
1.13 Kill-It-Kid Rag
1.14 Chainey
1.15 I Got to Cross de River O'Jordon

McTell, Blind Willie: Complete L.O.C. 1940


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