Being As an Ocean: Proxy: An A.n.i.m.o. Story

Being as an Ocean: Proxy: An A.n.i.m.o. Story
Title: Proxy: An A.n.i.m.o. Story
Artist: Being As an Ocean
Label: Being As An Ocean
UPC: 5052442016151
Genre: Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal

2019 release. Wondrously cinematic, taking both band and audience deeper into an infinitely unfolding saga, Proxy: An A.N.I.M.O. Story is the sound of a reinvigorated entity, ushering in a bold new chapter, free from preconceptions and eagerly embracing the unwritten future. The passion of the band's formidable past remains a dependable constant, arresting in it's urgent delivery and authenticity. The energy pulsing through Proxy flows from the same source that built a dedicated community around BAAO's first four albums, but it's scope bigger, somehow both more cerebral and more soulful.

1.1 Intro (The Envoy)
1.2 Play Pretend
1.3 Find Our Way
1.4 Brave
1.5 Tragedy
1.6 Skin
1.7 Interlude (Circuit Bender)
1.8 B.O.Y
1.9 Low Life (Ode to the Underworld)
1.10 Demon
1.11 Watch Me Bleed
1.12 See Your Face
1.13 A.N.I.M.O
1.14 Outro (What It Means to Be Human)

Being As an Ocean: Proxy: An A.n.i.m.o. Story


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