Baseball Furies: Let It Be

Baseball Furies: Let It Be
Title: Let It Be
Artist: Baseball Furies
Label: Big Neck Records
UPC: 613505265425
Genre: Punk

Released in 2004, LET IT BE is the Baseball Furies' second LP, an album widely regarded as the best of the Baseball Furies. LET IT BE shows the band's growth, with the angst-ridden sounds of an older band. However, they still manage to keep their roots in garage rock, punk rock, and plain old rock-n-roll. This album has eleven songs of outrage and fury that will have you up out of your seat shaking your fists and dancing along. LET IT BE is the album to listen to at the end of a crappy day, with hits such as No Way to Win and Hit and Run. The more you listen, the more you'll love it. LET IT BE is available in CD format.

1.1 Taking Turns at Ground Zero
1.2 First Mistake
1.3 Hit and Run
1.4 Curfew Breaker
1.5 So Amped Up
1.6 Chinese White
1.7 Operational
1.8 High Life Shock
1.9 Stuck in the Slums
1.10 In the Valley of the Forgotten
1.11 No Way to Win
1.12 Limited Resources

Baseball Furies: Let It Be


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