Armagedda: Echoes In Eternity

Armagedda: Echoes In Eternity
Title: Echoes In Eternity
Label: Nordvis

Re-issue of this massive compilation by Swedish black metal mystics Armagedda. This collection of songs includes all early EP releases, demos, rare unreleased tracks and live recordings. The booklet is impressive and features previously unpublished photos and liner notes. A must have for the collector that presents the early days of the band.

1.1 At the Edge of Negative Existence
1.2 Emperor from the Eternal Dark
1.3 A New Era
1.4 A World Full of Lies
1.5 Dödens Vind
1.6 Schizofrenic Paranoia
1.7 Wrapped By Darkness
1.8 Whore of God
1.9 Satan My Master (Bathory Cover)
1.10 Volkermord, Pt. 1 (Demo Version)
1.11 Volkermord, Pt. 2 (Demo Version)
1.12 Mordinstinkt (Demo Version)
1.13 A World Full of Lies (Live in Baroeg Rotterdam 2002)
1.14 I Am (Live in Ieper Belgium 2002)
1.15 At the Edge of Negative Existence (Live in Ieper Belgium 2002)
1.16 Satan My Master (Live in Ieper Belgium 2002)
1.17 Ea, Lord of the Dephts (Burzum Cover)

Armagedda: Echoes In Eternity

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