Wenz, Annie: Rain on Bare Skin

Annie Wenz: Rain on Bare Skin
Title: Rain on Bare Skin
Artist: Wenz, Annie
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 700261403656
Genre: Christian

Celebrate!!! 'Rain on Bare Skin' Annie Wenz's long awaited, second all instrumental recording is finally here! Just Sit back & Breathe.... For Meditation, Relaxation, Yoga, Massage, Health and Wellness Practitioners... And of course LOVE ;) It's Multicultural, Mellow & Meditative... Much like Annie's best selling (& still selling!) 2005 CD 'Winds of the World'... Which was used by some of the most known spas in the world, as well as by yoga, massage & medical practitioners... It was also recommended by RN Magazine! Produced by Tom Prasada-Rao & Annie, the instrumentation is a stunning patchwork, a weaving floating blend of sounds from many cultures. Annie plays indigenous flutes on every song... Native North American wooden/cedar flutes, bamboo & drone flutes, panpipes & the bassoon like Slovakian flute... She also ads piano, dulcimer, tiple, steel drum, various other percussion instruments, tuned crystal glasses, digeradoo, gongs and bells! Tom Prasada-Rao masterfully, breathtakingly plays sitar, violins, upright bass & mandolin! It's a magical journey around the globe... About the songs: 1- 'Inside of a Dream' (Nikko's Lullaby) 7:04 ~ Written as a sweet drifting lullaby, this song just floats & rocks you as if inside of a dream. Featuring Annie's stunning piano composition with breathy lilting bamboo flute, and Tom Prasada-Rao blissfully bowing bass and weaving violins. A perfect way to begin your hour long journey... 2- 'Rain on Bare Skin' 7:10 ~ Annie's vision of what warm rain would feel like as it dances... like a Gypsy minuet... and trickles down your bare skin... Featuring Annie on tiple (a beautiful Columbian 12 stringed instrument in the guitar family), pulsating bamboo flutes, haunting panpipes & Andean cajon heartbeat... as Tom rises & falls you magically on octave violin. 3- 'Amazing Grace' 7:33 ~ A sparsely chilling version of this much loved traditional song. Featuring Annie on breathy cedar drone flute and Tom on Indian Sitar... It just floats... 4- 'Rishi's Garden' 4:39 ~ Annie's all time favorite Tom Prasada-Rao song! Tom's masterful sitar playing & bowing bass lead you through a delicate garden as Annie celebrates with piano, bamboo & drone flutes... 5- 'Fire Dancers' 6:58 ~ Annie first leads you into this dreamy song with lilting surreal wind chimes... then wraps you in traditional sounding Native American flutes as they weave & dance around a fire... under a blanket of frame drum, rain stick, tapped steel drum, cymbals & bells. Tom's mandolin brings you back to earth as feet tap the ground in tribal dance. 6- 'Northern Lights' 5:26 ~ Annie creates a vision of Northern Lights shooting colors across a stark canvas... leaving you drifting into the abyss... as she rhythmically drones on steel drum, gongs, rainstick, cymbals & tinkling bells. This all as she breathes gently into panpipes and wooden flutes. 7- 'Bali Whispering' 5:37 ~ A cedar drone flute calls to a distant lover... and is answered as if by Balinese Dancers... created by tapping delicately tuned, water filled crystal glasses, with a soft bed of didgeridoo. 8- 'Bintang Kecil' 7:19 Annie plays the beautiful traditional Indonesian version of "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the bassoon-like Fujara (Slovakian Flute), as Tom sends chills with bowed bass and then whispers with violins that sound like bagpipes in a cathedral! 9- 'Love's First Glance' 6:35 ~ A beautifully delicate, blushingly romantic serenade... between piano, dulcimer, subtle bamboo drone flute, percussion... and tinkly bells soft as a first glance. 10- 'Ode to Joy' (Symphony No.9) 3:38 Annie & Tom's grand finale celebrates and sends chills as it echoes & leads & stops & starts... pulling you in as they tell the most joyful story in song... Absolutely gorgeous in it's sparse beauty, played only on drone flute & violin! It will catch your breath... and linger... and linger... Gift a Friend... Gift Yourself... Many Heartfelt Thanks...


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Wenz, Annie: Rain on Bare Skin


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