Anew Madrid: While We're Waiting

Anew Madrid: While We&
Title: While We're Waiting
Artist: Anew Madrid
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 634479908583
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop

From the depths of the Silicon Valley you will find ANEW. A man a myth a legend? You may have heard his music before but never knew he produced it. Working with MC's, Singers and Musicians he has brought a many different sound to the world. Now in his 5th offering he brings forth While We're Waiting. Created for hiphop and Electronica lovers alike. Blending Break beats, Samples,live instruments and cut a paste Synths and a fresh breath of skills, While We're Waiting takes you to the Urban arena for the corporate climber.

1.1 Intro
1.2 Simple
1.3 You Say
1.4 Let's Talk About
1.5 No More Worries
1.6 Real Recognize
1.7 Kallahan Solo
1.8 Don't Know
1.9 Some People
1.10 Chamber Sounds
1.11 Vibe This
1.12 Suppose to Be
1.13 Mr. Borrow a Buck
1.14 Fishin
1.15 Race
1.16 Smoke Jumper
1.17 The Plow
1.18 Gonna Live
1.19 Smoke Jumper [Remix]

Audio Sample:
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Anew Madrid: While We're Waiting


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