Taylor, Alex: Don't Miss the Bus

Alex P. Taylor: Don&
Title: Don't Miss the Bus
Artist: Taylor, Alex
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 639589130046
Genre: Rock

Hello My Friends- Thanks to all those that were able to attend my CD Release Party! What a GREAT time! If you weren't able to make it to the Big Party, check out some of the fun pictures on my MySpace profile or Facebook Music Page and please show your support by purchasing my CD or MP3 here at CD Baby! It will be the most entertaining $9.97 you have spent on music in a while, partially because you know me and partially because they are some really fun songs! You get 15 great songs and I will even email you a BONUS track! I really believe you will love this new album. 'Don't Miss the Bus' :) Support me, so I can continue creating more songs. As you know, it makes me really happy to make music... Forward this link to your friends too because the more sales I have on the internet, the bigger the chance I will get noticed by a record label executive! And then, you will be able to say you had a part in getting my songs on the radio for everyone to hear! Let's make it happen! AND---you'll know the words for future shows!!! *BIG SMILE* Thank you for all of your support and enjoy the new album! A.P.T. Now here's some bio info... Connecticut's Alex P. Taylor's debut CD "Stop Signs and Red Lights" (available at www.cdbaby.com/alexptaylor) featured the tracks "On My Floor," and "Great." These songs will begin our leading man's story. A.P.T. wrote the lyrics to his first song when he was nine, but it wouldn't be until early summer of 2005, dealing with the death of a good friend and co-worker, that he would rediscover and truly embrace his passion and gift of songwriting. "The night I came home from Adam's funeral, I was literally 'on my floor'," explains Taylor. "Henceforth, it became the title to the first song I had written in several years." After meeting with several producers, it wouldn't be until March of 2007 that Taylor would begin to record his debut album at SherStudios in Southington, Connecticut, under the wisdom and guidance of Jamie Sherwood. Sherwood, whose twenty-five years of experience in the recording, performing and producing world of music, would be in for quite the surprise... Using only a pen, paper and micro-cassette recorder was how Taylor constructed his songs. He created and caught the melodies in his mind using only these three items. Through no use of any instrument, songs are born to Taylor. "I like to refer to it as using my antennae to pick up what my world is telling me," confides Taylor. "Sometimes a song will come to me at the most inappropriate time and I have to find a way to store it somehow or it could be lost forever." Sherwood, unknowingly, would become somewhat of a Rosetta Stone and together the two would transcribe and collaborate on 15 tracks meeting twice a week until the end of August 2007. "Within each one of Taylor's songs there lay true aspects that exist in everyone's lives- happiness, sadness, sympathy, strength and above all, survival," a source close to Taylor confides. His lyrics have been called intelligent and from the heart with "a whole lot of soul to back it up." His voice: "strong, edgy, and very distinct with a mesmerizing quality that makes you stop and listen." "My first album, titled "Stop Signs and Red Lights", was truly a form of therapy for me," explains Taylor. His song "Great" is evidence of this. "My wish was for people to listen to my words and find answers to some of their issues. There is a lesson to learn in each one of my songs." The album was independently released on October 24th, 2007, Taylor's birthday. "It was the best birthday present I have ever received," sentimentally recalls Taylor. "I learned and grew so much from my first album. I now feel so proud and rewarded to have another album now under my belt!' "While "Stop Signs and Red Lights" was a Rock/Pop album full in sound with a heavy dose of electrical guitar, Taylor chose a different direction for his sophomore album titled "Don't Miss the Bus." "For 'Don't Miss the Bus', I really wanted to pull it all back and take a more acoustical approach this time," states Taylor. The shift of genre from Rock/Pop to Folk/Rock is quite apparent. "It feels more like me. The experience of recording my first album gave me a valuable gift...insight. This time around, I got to truly find my voice and niche. At the end of the day, I am a singer-songwriter." Recording with more of a smoky undertone on "Stop Signs and Red Lights", Taylor chose to use a different part of his voice to record "Don't Miss the Bus." "People have told me I sound a little like Cat Stevens," explains Taylor. "I take that as a very high compliment." Taylor, a very symbolic songwriter, uses his words to express his innermost emotions and work out the aftermath. His sophomore album will prove he has something to share with the world. "Don't Miss the Bus" is coming this May! Check out these new songs, "Window" (One of Taylor's favorites), "Little Napkin" and "Well, Well (With Latanya Farrell!).' Please 'become a fan' on his Facebook Music page to receive further updates!

1.1 Window
1.2 Promise
1.3 Well, Well
1.4 Little Napkin
1.5 People, Places and Things
1.6 Paper Airplane
1.7 Everything That I Own
1.8 Crazy Tuesday
1.9 I Know
1.10 Gasoline
1.11 When She Drinks Wine
1.12 Cupid
1.13 On My Own
1.14 Well, Well (6 A.M.)
1.15 My Regret Bed (Bonus Track)

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Taylor, Alex: Don't Miss the Bus


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