Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw: Black Pearl

Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw: Black Pearl
Title: Black Pearl
Label: Dewolfe Music
Product Type: VINYL LP

Vinyl LP pressing. Originally released in 1973, Black Pearl's overall sound is the epitome of cool, orchestral funk/dramatic styles of the 1970s ("Next Stop LA", "Collect", "Oh! Militia", "Choctaw", "Black Pearl", and "Blue Shadow"). Also featured are several more romantic, laid-back, emotive pieces such as "Miraculous Dream", "Tryst", "Sunny Monday", "Melody and Lace", "Monochrome", "No Return". Not to mention a couple of surprise solo honky-tonk piano jaunts - "The Vamp" and "Night of the Garter". An eclectic mix that is sure to pique anyone's interest. The album was produced by Alan Parker and Alan Hawkshaw, who is perhaps best-known for composing The Champ, which has been widely sampled and emulated by hip hop artists.

1.1 Next Stop L.A
1.2 Miraculous Dream
1.3 Collect
1.4 Tryst
1.5 Sunny Monday
1.6 Oh! Militia
1.7 The Vamp
1.8 Night of the Garter
1.9 Choctaw
1.10 Melody and Lace
1.11 Black Pearl
1.12 Blue Shadow
1.13 Monochrome
1.14 No Return

Alan Parker & Alan Hawkshaw: Black Pearl

Product-type:VINYL LP

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