Akuna Art: Akuna Art : Poptronica Fantasy

Akuna Art: Akuna Art : Poptronica Fantasy
Title: Akuna Art : Poptronica Fantasy
Artist: Akuna Art
Label: CD Baby
UPC: 888174585253
Genre: Pop

'Poptronica Fantasy', an emotional pop-electronic fantasy built around 14 tracks. The sound has also acquired a fresh new take on pop music, with 80's analogic sounds, and including also sounds of world-music...

1.1 Fly to the Moon
1.2 Up to You (Feat. Ma\Xefa Lic)
1.3 Right Now (Feat. Lea Milh)
1.4 Stuck in the Sky with You (Feat. Audrey H)
1.5 Butterflies in My Head (Feat. Lea Milh)
1.6 The Day After Tomorrow (Feat. Isabelle Lalande)
1.7 A New Life
1.8 Wanna Be Like You (Feat. Lea Milh)
1.9 Suddenly (Feat. Ma\Xefa Lic)
1.10 Open Your Eyes
1.11 Asleep in a Subdued Heart (Feat. Audrey H)
1.12 Time to Love (Feat. Ma\Xefa Lic)
1.13 Pink Forest
1.14 Losing My Mind (Feat. Audrey H)

Akuna Art: Akuna Art : Poptronica Fantasy


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