Nolife: You Won't Survive the State of New York

Nolife: You Won&
Title: You Won't Survive the State of New York
Artist: Nolife
Label: Young Turks
Product Type: 12-INCH SINGLE
UPC: 889030016010
Genre: Rock

Originally from Albany, New York and having since moved to NYC, Nolife is the latest signing to the Young Turks label. Incorporating influences from noise, hardcore, hip-hop, and electronic, Nolife has created an assaulting take on contemporary experimental electronic music. With his sole physical release being an extremely limited self-released cassette earlier this year, the You Won't Survive The State Of New York EP is the most fully realized Nolife project to date. Created in a state of isolation and poor health the five seamless tracks of heavy beats laced with dissonant noise samples create a dark picture of the Nolife existence. Recommended if you like Arca, Amnesia Scanner, Oneohtrix Point Never and Death Grips.


Nolife: You Won't Survive the State of New York

Product-type:12-INCH SINGLE

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