Various Artists: Buddha Bar By Amine K & Ravin / Various

Various Artists: Buddha Bar By Amine K & Ravin / Various
Title: Buddha Bar By Amine K & Ravin / Various
Label: George V France

To start the year on a high note, the small Parisian label is back in the bins with a captivating and magical double compilation. On controls, Amine K, emblematic DJ / Producer of the Moroccan Nights and of course our globetrotter DJ, Ravin. A unique combination, a magical atmosphere, which will take you from the infinity of the Moroccan desert, to the paradisiacal Riad through the hot nights of Casablanca or Marrakech. An initiatory journey to the heart of chill out, world & deep house music, where swaying melodies mingle with heady basses, and where traditional instruments sublimate hypnotic beats. An exhilarating flight, out of time and space, an invitation to chill and escape. In a few words, this is pure Buddha-Bar.

1.1 Xingo - Secret Face
1.2 Saint of Sin - Sacred History
1.3 Karmakind - Jaba
1.4 Sine - Air: Christoph Sebastian Pabst Remix
1.5 Mikko Heikinpoika - Love ; Acceptance
1.6 Starwalk - If You Were An Angel (Featuring Katerina Bournaka)
1.7 Jessie Rey - Sharm El-Sheikh
1.8 Moe Turk - Sarab
1.9 DJ Phellix / Rohaab - Ashke Setareh
1.10 Hiss Band - Only with You: Christos Fourkis Remix
1.11 Ranta - Tora
1.12 Gabriel Balky - Fantasia en Amor: Short Edit
1.13 Baptiste Caffrey - Oh Lua (Featuring Cristina Tati)
1.14 Double Touch - El Choclo
1.15 Soulroots - Thando Lwethu
1.16 Igor Gonya - Habibi Jam
2.1 Chelabôm - Dame Rabia: Amine K Remix
2.2 T-Puse - Dreams Feat. Berkules: Amine K Remix
2.3 Amine K - Hamdouchia
2.4 Amine K - Y'a Banti (Featuring Lala Tamar)
2.5 Amine K / Atsou - Felice
2.6 Amine K / DJ Chus - Cigano
2.7 Squire - Persian Desert (Featuring Lizwi): Amine K Derbouka Remix
2.8 Black Major - Zolalela: Amine K Remix
2.9 Oum - Ha: Amine K Remix
2.10 Namito / Farhood Kavan - Vessal: Amine K Remix
2.11 Oum - Temma: Amine K Remix
2.12 Amine K / Alex Niggemann - Poseidon

Various Artists: Buddha Bar By Amine K & Ravin / Various

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