Getatchew Mekurya: Ethiopiques, Vol. 14

Getatchew Mekurya: Ethiopiques, Vol. 14
Title: Ethiopiques, Vol. 14
Label: Buda Musique

Gétatchèw Mèkurya is the 'inventor' of a distinctive musical style. Amongst Ethiopia's vocal genres, there exists a form of singing that is purely warlik: epic and declamatory, harsh and hoarse-voiced: « shellela ». Gétatchèw had the idea of transposing the genre to his saxophone, creating a musical form that is daring, improvisational, angry and impetuous, a sort of free jazz before it's time.

1.1 Yegenet Muziqa
1.2 Shellela
1.3 Aha Gedawo
1.4 Antchi Hoye
1.5 Ambassel
1.6 Almaz Yeharerwa
1.7 Yene Hassab Gwadegna
1.8 Shemonmwanaye
1.9 Gofere / Antchi Hoye
1.10 Aynotche Terabu
1.11 Akale Wube
1.12 Tezeta
1.13 Gedamay
1.14 Muziqa Heywete
1.15 Shellela Besaxophone

Getatchew Mekurya: Ethiopiques, Vol. 14

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