The Shins

The Shins: Wincing the Night Away

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Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: The Shins

Title: Wincing the Night Away
Label: Sub Pop
Product Type: VINYL LP

Their third album is the sound of a band growing up and out. James Mercer's infectious, indelible melodic style is still at the core, but on various songs he also channels a Morrissey vibe, pairs a hip-hop beat with lush melodic lines and searing guitars, toys with tweaked-out piano steeped in psychedelic strings, utilizes fractured synth samples, adds gauzy, arpeggiated keyboards that cloak thunderous anthems, and even takes cues from early Jesus And Mary Chain sweeping, fuzz-toned epics.

1.1 Sleeping Lessons
1.2 Australia
1.3 Pam Berry
1.4 Phantom Limb
1.5 Sealegs
1.6 Red Rabbits
1.7 Turn on Me
1.8 Black Wave
1.9 Spilt Needles
1.10 Girl Sailor
1.11 Comet Appears

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