The Formula Project: Evolve

The Formula Project: Evolve
Title: Evolve
Label: Switch 17 Music GRP

From the streets of NYC to the bombastic sounds of Kingston, Jamaica, and on to the artsy warmth of Venice, CA comes the fresh new sound of The Formula Project. Derived from the band's creator and producer, Switch, a.k.a. Rich Bennett. One can hear the chaotic genius of Public Enemy, the reggae flavor of Sly and Robbie, and the trip-hop electronica of Massive Attack. TFP's first full-length showcases the amazing talents of Goldenchyl, a.k.a. Andre Fennell, who wrote all the lyrics. Switch's genre-layering sound plus Goldenchyl's versatile vocal styling's make for an explosive combination. Hip-hop icon KRS-One contributes guest vocals.

1.1 Shine Again Ft. Krs-One
1.2 Victoria Novacane
1.3 Touch
1.4 Heavenly Father Ft. Absouljah
1.5 Press Play
1.6 Repeating the Cycle
1.7 Lost Love
1.8 Rockstar Mentality
1.9 On the Road Again
1.10 She's Gone
1.11 Take Me Now
1.12 Pushing
1.13 Journey
1.14 Stop Genocide

The Formula Project: Evolve

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