Lebensessenz: Tage Der Nostalgie

$20.63 $23.99
Product Type: VINYL LP
Artist: Lebensessenz

Title: Tage Der Nostalgie
Label: Dunkelheit Productio
Product Type: VINYL LP

A new wonderful journey back into the old and grey past. Nostalgic dreams of elder lived times. A unbelieveable soundscape that makes the listening to a travel... This is the best work of Lebensessenz. Get touched by a breath of melancholy and nostalgic feelings. Limited to 350 hand numbered copies only.

1.1 The Heidegger's Silence
1.2 Das Herz Des Menschen
1.3 Die Lieben Lisztz
1.4 Un Amour Irréalisable - Pt. I
1.5 Tage Der Nostalgie
1.6 Liebesgeschichte
1.7 Un Amour Irréalisable - Pt. II
1.8 Gedichte Aus Der Kindheit
1.9 Sabela Und Serrano
1.10 The Silence

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