Suzi Nash: Rainbow Sprinkles

Suzi Nash: Rainbow Sprinkles
Title: Rainbow Sprinkles
Label: CD Baby

Rainbow Sprinkles is a collection of children's songs designed to empower children of LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and transgendered) families. Children need to see their lives reflected in the world around them and music is a big part of early development. Rainbow Sprinkles is designed to meet that need in an age appropriate manner. The song styles on Rainbow Sprinkles are designed to appeal to a global community with hip-hop, calypso, and country all thrown into the mix and with lyrics that illustrate a mixture of many types of GLBT families. There is nothing comparable to Rainbow Sprinkles in the market today! From the bouncy beat of "Aunt Betty" to the heartfelt "Double Dad's", to the catchy title track, the songs from Rainbow Sprinkles are so much fun, you might just find yourself singing along! NEWS* NEWS*NEWS* Rainbow Sprinkles was honored in the May issue of Curve Magazine as the 'Editors Pick of The Month' and Suzi was designated 'One of Ten Artists to Watch' by Visions Magazine! Look for her at the Gay Games in Chicago~ The time is right! Suzi Nash's Rainbow Sprinkles is an idea whose time has come. Groups like Pink Parents in Great Britain and Family Pride Coalition in the states are quickly being formed to meet the burgeoning growth of LGBT households in every part of the world. The American Bar Association estimates that there are at least six to ten million children of LGBT Parents in the United States. The "Gayby" boom is truly upon us! Rainbow Sprinkles is a fun sing-along for alternative families and their friends and a great way to support LGBT co-workers, friends or family with children. Come join the fun!

1.1 Different Families
1.2 The Power of Two
1.3 Double Dads
1.4 Our House
1.5 Lullaby Little One
1.6 Aunt Betty
1.7 What's Right for You
1.8 Uncle Mike
1.9 Rainbow Sprinkles
1.10 Just the Way I Am
1.11 Bonus Track-A Mother's Advice

Suzi Nash: Rainbow Sprinkles

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