Susan Robertson: Original Children's Music By Susan Robertson

Susan Robertson: Original Children&
Title: Original Children's Music By Susan Robertson
Label: CD Baby

These are simple, everyday songs for your children, like Row, Row, Row your boat, Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, or the Alphabet Song. Easy to remember, fun to do, each one with some kind of lesson for the body, the heart, or the mind. Some songs stimulate the imagination; some focus on fine and large motor skills; some have messages about friendship, security, and nutrition. One of the intriguing elements is that each song is written in a different musical style, increasing a child's awareness of all that is available for him/her to hear, prior to their growing up to choose a favorite style of their own. I urge you to share these songs both with and without the CD. Always keeping time to the CD would not allow the children the chance to ask any of their wonderful questions. They need the time to learn, make mistakes, talk, and laugh. Most of all, these songs are for having fun! Dance to them, and sing! Just sing!

1.1 A Big Bug
1.2 Sittin' in the Bathtub
1.3 Bacon on Vacation
1.4 I Have a Little Teddy
1.5 My Bus Has a Nose
1.6 Happy Marching Song
1.7 I Have a Friend
1.8 Knock on Your Head
1.9 There's a Boy in the Mirror
1.10 Today I Pretended

Susan Robertson: Original Children's Music By Susan Robertson

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