Strummin' & Drummin': Oochee Wawa

Title: Oochee Wawa
Label: CD Baby

2008 Parents' Choice Approved Award Winner 2008 iParenting Award WInner Oochee Wa Wa is the amazing debut kids CD from Strummin' and Drummin' with Chris and Matt! It packs loads of fun, catchy, and refreshingly silly songs for kids! Plus there are skits, stories, and adventures too. This CD has 23 songs and segments! Plus there are some nice twists to some old favorites too. Strummin' and Drummin' is not your ordinary kids music group. Chris and Matt, both teachers in a past life, have performed a busy schedule that often brings them up to 10 schools/events per week all over the world. Both are also professional blues and jazz musicians who have toured the world bringing music to all ages. The Story: About 15 years ago, out of college Chris and Matt began working in schools in Long Island, NY and New York City. Both had hands on experience inside the classrooms and really absorbed what kids were all about. Through their journey they realized that humor, silliness, fun, and education could be combined into music for the ultimate way to reach kids. Soon after they developed and Early Childhood Music Curriculum and before they knew it, they were visiting up to 10 schools per week! They realized that their destiny was in bringing joy, smiles, and fun to the kids. They've managed to blend catchy lyrics with world rhythms into styles of blues and jazz. They wanted to make the music fun for the kids of course, but also hip for the parents too. The total family experience was the goal. However, on question kept being asked, 'When are you guys putting out a CD?' Well, finally the question has been answered. The answer is 'today!'

1.1 Meet Matt and Chris
1.2 Funky Old McDonald
1.3 The Cow That Ate Jelly Beans
1.4 Oochee Wa Wa
1.5 Sassafrass the Snake
1.6 Pots and Pans Play-Along
1.7 Kalimba
1.8 Eensy Weensy Spider
1.9 Train Banter
1.10 The Long Island Railroad
1.11 Miles the Crocodile
1.12 Puff the Magic Dragon
1.13 Djembe
1.14 Comin' Round the Mountain
1.15 Shaker... Marraca
1.16 Bugs
1.17 Phone Craziness
1.18 Fishy of the Sea
1.19 Wonderful Day
1.20 Jazz Interlude
1.21 I'm Just a Kid
1.22 Goodbye Song
1.23 Time to Go

Strummin' & Drummin': Oochee Wawa

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