Spencer Chandler: Banjo Singalong Vol. 1

Spencer Chandler: Banjo Singalong Vol. 1
Title: Banjo Singalong Vol. 1
Label: CD Baby

Four-time Finalist in the Great American Song Contest: - Little Old Coyote - Santa Claus Brought Me a Five-String Banjo - Good Ol' American Cheese - Messy Baby In the tradition of Pete Seeger's solo recordings, the spirit of the five-string banjo lives on in Spencer Chandler's solo session produced by acclaimed jazz and klezmer musician Mike Cohen. Co-produced by Rolando Gori at MUSA212, Spencer Chandler's Banjo Singalong Vol. 1 offers eleven audience favorites from his weekly singalong for children in Park Slope, Brooklyn. "Spencer was both engaging and entertaining! Students enjoyed clapping and singing along to standard folk songs and his unique compositions. We would love to have Spencer return to perform for any grade level!" - Lauren Mulholland, Music Educator, VOICE Charter School, Long Island City 'Winter is upon us: the evenings are getting longer; the winds are that much windier; there's an impending need for hibernation. So, right at this moment, just when the coziness is at it's coziest, make some warm drinks, snuggle up with your loved ones, and put on this album of richly entertaining, story-songs. Instantly sing along with songs you know well like 'Oh! Susanna' and 'Yankee Doodle', while others feel so familiar and fun that you'll be singing along in no time! Howl with 'The Little Old Coyote'; help 'Rapunzel' get her sweet prince; laugh along with 'Edwina Hyena' as Spencer's warm, inviting voice weaves tales of childhood and friendship throughout. It's a gift of music, a gift of connection, a gift all your friends and family will enjoy ... and if it's not, "I'll Eat My Hat!" - Rolando Gori, Co-Producer.

1.1 Oh! Susanna
1.2 Put Your Finger in the Air
1.3 ABC Trilogy
1.4 When I First Came to This Land
1.5 Little Old Coyote
1.6 Rapunzel's Waltz
1.7 Edwina Hyena
1.8 Caterpillar
1.9 I'll Eat My Hat
1.10 When the Day Is Done
1.11 Yankee Doodle Redo

Spencer Chandler: Banjo Singalong Vol. 1

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