Spacefrog: All-Time Earth Classics

Spacefrog: All-Time Earth Classics
Title: All-Time Earth Classics
Label: CD Baby

From another galaxy he came to Earth to spend a little vacation time before his trip back home. Little did he realize how much he would come to love the cultures of Earth. After several years of listening and learning to all Space Cultures he felt it was his goal to now teach and spread the sound of these various harmonic tones throughout the universe. On this particular collection of his soft-instrumental music, DJ Spacefrog has chose the music of Earth to engage the other planets he visits as the Earth music is his favorite. Listen in to so many of the songs that you heard as a kid, brought back to life in one place for you to enjoy the wide range of the musical history of Earth all over again. Learning the piano from a classicaly trained crow named 'Radario' Mario he befriended from an Italian village while visiting to learn about olive oil, Spacefrog set out on a mission to hone his skills on his favorite traveling keyboard. Captured here in pristine Earth-digital quality and already transmitted around the universe, this classic is awaiting your listen and your glorious memories shall flow like the fabled Aleuran tidal falls. These songs are memorable classics and by reading the track list you can only understand how you will be jamming to this album alone (by yourself!), or with your children - even if they aren't born yet - this album will aid in the development of tones, pitch and musical scales within your infant's brain! (We are working on the scientific proof for this - it is our corporate goal to properly program musical intuition). Music is a skill best learned at a young age. This is why there are music departments in elementary schools. Learning the recorder wind instrument at an age where learning is what the brain thrives on is the concept this album plays off. This CD can be added to the foundational basis that genius comes from. Helping with tonal learning and music skills in aspiring young musicians is the sound of mental evolution happening. Let your inner soul out and let it enjoy the sounds of yesterday by getting this Limited Edition CD (only 600 available to the public!). Get some for baby showers or birthday parties and holiday gifts. Works great in nurseries or kindergarten classes! Music can soothe even the Chaotic Child. The music speaks for itself and the Spacefrog Crew awaits your family as his personal audience... For babies and children of all ages, rejoice in the sounds of the All-Time Earth Classics as you teach them the songs of Americana and World Themes and you can laugh while they dance to the simple but effective songs. Don't forget to record them enjoying this album - it may get played at the Olympics before they compete, or you can play it for them to laugh at when they are grown up! Stay tuned for an effective mini-movie program featuring Spacefrog and his Space-Cadet Crew of Galactic Friends as they teach the Children of Earth the grand theories of life on the basic foundations that young minds can learn from.

1.1 Little Genius Intro
1.2 When the Saints Come Marching in
1.3 Greensleeves
1.4 Amazing Grace
1.5 Aud Lang Syne
1.6 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
1.7 Ach Du Lieber Augustin
1.8 London Bridge
1.9 Battle Hymn of the Republic
1.10 I've Been Workin' on the Railroad
1.11 Noble Duke of York
1.12 Muffin Man
1.13 Danny Boy
1.14 If You're Happy and You Know It
1.15 Little Brown Jug
1.16 My Darling Clementine
1.17 Jamaica Farewell
1.18 When Johnny Comes Marching Home
1.19 Camptown Races
1.20 Swanee River
1.21 Yankee Doodle
1.22 Home on the Range
1.23 Oh! Susana
1.24 Beautiful Dreamer
1.25 Turkey in the Straw
1.26 Aloha Oe
1.27 Holdiridia
1.28 Cucaracha
1.29 Troika
1.30 Sakura Sakura
1.31 Ode to Joy
1.32 Bridal March
1.33 Wedding March
1.34 Carnaval Des Animaux
1.35 Swan Lake
1.36 March of the Nutcracker
1.37 Brindisi la Traviata
1.38 Donna E Mobile Rigolette
1.39 Toy Symphony
1.40 Eine Kleine Nachtmusik
1.41 Chanson Du Torreador
1.42 Habanera
1.43 L'arlesienne Suite
1.44 Spring Season
1.45 Chopsticks
1.46 Minuet (Bach)
1.47 Canon (Pachelbel)
1.48 Entertainer
1.49 Piano Sonata Pathetique
1.50 Fur Elise
1.51 Turkish March (Mozart)
1.52 Hungarian Dances #5
1.53 DJ Spacefrog Medley Mix 1
1.54 DJ Spacefrog Medley Mix 2

Spacefrog: All-Time Earth Classics

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