Sophie & Les Petits: Petite Graine

Sophie & Les Petits: Petite Graine
Title: Petite Graine
Label: CD Baby

After many years of searching for the perfect French songs to use in her classroom, Sophie started composing her own songs for young children. She wanted the songs to be simple enough for a child to understand and sing-along to, whether that child would be French, or learning French. In 2011, Sophie teamed up with producer Yuval Ron, award-winning World Music artist, and created her first album of original songs for little ones, 'Bonjour', a collection of songs and stories from dreamy French "chansons" to jazzy tunes, Middle Eastern magic, and rock and roll. With her second album 'Petite Graine', Sophie takes you back to her world, where children are free to explore the magical forest, learn about the earth and the sun, the life cycle of the butterfly... 'Petite Graine' features two bilingual songs (French/English) including one duet with talented and accomplished singer Renee Stahl (Renee & Jeremy.) Sophie & Les Petits' songs are a fun way to introduce French to the whole family, but also magically entertaining. Sophie's delicate and sweet voice, accompanied by her young singers (ages 2 to 8) will invite any child to join in and try to speak French with her. And all parents agree: they, too, feel like they're learning French (again)! 'My daughter and I sing along with Sophie & Les Petits in the car, and I often listen to it when i'm driving by myself. The album is beautiful and puts in me a totally tranquil mood. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to build a great collection of children's music.' - JASON SCHWARTZMAN 'It's great when my daughter and I fall in love with the same music, and we both love Sophie & Les Petits. It is one of my favorites because it's beautifully gentle and educational- helping us both learn French!' - BRADY CUNNINGHAM About 'Bonjour' Sophie & Les Petits' first album: "My kids really love this album of French songs [...] some of the songs are so catchy, the melodies get stuck in my head throughout the day! " - NICK VALENSI, THE STROKES. "We love Sophie Timpers album 'Bonjour'. Our Daughter loves to sing along. The message in each song and the melodies are great. Well done!" - JASON BATEMAN.

1.1 Bulles de Savon
1.2 L'histoire Du Lièvre Et de la Tortue
1.3 La Terre Tourne Autour Du Soleil
1.4 Joyeux Anniversaire
1.5 La Vie Du Papillon
1.6 Combien de Pattes?
1.7 La Petite Graine
1.8 Voici Mon Arbre
1.9 Les Chatouilles de la Forêt
1.10 Je Danse Le Twist
1.11 Rêve en Forêt
1.12 Vole, Vole

Sophie & Les Petits: Petite Graine

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