Sistersong: Glimpse of Heaven

Sistersong: Glimpse of Heaven
Title: Glimpse of Heaven
Label: CD Baby

Sistersong, as you might have guessed, is a musical duo of two sisters, Heidi Bettich Kays and Erika Bettich Ward, from Red Wing, Minnesota. They grew up in a home filled with friends and family sharing their love of music and togetherness. It was this same love that brought them together as singing partners in 1997 with the start of their business, Sistersong. After a childhood of music-making, it seemed only natural to further share their talents by writing and performing their own songs. Erika had previously written several songs including 'Undying Love' which Sistersong first recorded as a single and is now sung in weddings across the country. Before the inception of their company, Erika underwent two long years of infertility treatments. At last, her prayers were answered with the miraculous arrival of her first daughter, Michaela. Erika's incredible love and gratitude inspired her to write the song 'Glimpse of Heaven.' Heidi, who has written poetry since childhood, wrote her first song, 'I Dream' to her only son, Luke. At the time, neither of them ever imagined that anyone else would ever hear their songs. And there they began, as full-time mothers, writing songs to their own children, musing about the possibilities of their music reaching beyond their own homes into the lives and hearts of children and families everywhere. They talked about the idea of creating a CD that expressed the intimacy and affection of family. In June of 1998, their dreams became reality with the release of their first CD, 'Glimpse of Heaven: Love Songs for Anyone Who Loves A Child.' Writing and recording music for children was pure joy, but the tremendous response they received from parents after it's release soon made them realize that their songs were not just for children, but actually for ANYONE WHO LOVES A CHILD. Adults and children alike find themselves drawn to the power of the message and the music. Sistersong's vocal performances are straight from the heart, with lilting melodies and interesting harmonies that blend together leaving no doubt that they are sisters. Together, they have recorded music that creates a soothing and positive atmosphere for children, but they hope it will do even more. Sistersong hopes their album will give parents an excuse to stop the frantic pace of each day, take their children in their arms and share a few brief moments enjoying the music and each other. It is Sistersong's belief that only then can we truly see and build the child within. Their wish is that somehow the music will help us all do just that. As a very wise woman (their mother) once said, 'All children really want is for us to see them... with our hearts.'

1.1 Glimpse of Heaven
1.2 Rocking Chair
1.3 I Dream
1.4 Time Slips Through My Fingers
1.5 Sleep Baby Sleep
1.6 Glimpse of Heaven - Instrumental Version
1.7 Rocking Chair - Instrumental Version
1.8 I Dream - Instrumental Version
1.9 Time Slips Through My Fingers - Instrumental Version
1.10 Sleep Baby Sleep - Instrumental Version
2.1 New Age Music
2.2 Easy Listening
2.3 Children"S Music
2.4 Sister Song
2.5 Lullaby

Sistersong: Glimpse of Heaven

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