Simon Brooks: Second-H& Tales

Simon Brooks: Second-H& Tales
Title: Second-H& Tales
Label: CD Baby

I have gathered these tales from Africa, Austria, Scotland and South America. Stories grow as they are passed along the generations, and all these have grown richer and more fabulous with each re-telling. Some I read in old books, and some came as gifts from passing storytellers. And now they are my gift to you. Long ago before books and television, children always sat in wide-eyed wonder, listening to the stories of the elders, troubadours and poets. So I invite you to listen in this same tradition - snug in your home, your car, or wherever you are - so you too may be enchanted by these tales from far away and long, long ago.... "Simon is a captivating storyteller for people of all ages. His great voices and comedy are perfectly entertaining." - Sarah Allerton, St. Albans Library, VT Simon is a native of the United Kingdom, but moved to the United States in 1995 to marry his fiancée, a native of central New York. Simon began storytelling in 1991, spinning yarns for school children and families when he worked for the Youth Hostel Association of England and Wales. He became a professional storyteller in 2003 after taking a position as children's librarian at the Latham Memorial and Peabody libraries in Thetford, VT. Simon is currently a member of the League for the Advancement of New England Storytellers (L.A.N.E.S.). Simon lives with his wife and two children near the Connecticut River in Orford, New Hampshire.

1.1 How Ananzi Received Stories
1.2 Death in a Nut
1.3 The Three Feathers
1.4 Jaguar and Hare

Simon Brooks: Second-H& Tales

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