Metallica: Lullaby Renditions Of Metallica

Rockabye Baby!: Lullaby Renditions Of Metallica
Title: Lullaby Renditions Of Metallica
Label: Rockabye Baby Music

Exit light, enter night. The heavy metal sounds of Metallica's best-known anthems have been turned into shimmering lullabies for your little metalhead pride and joy. We have traded the guitars and drums for chimes and harop, turned down the volume from an eleven to a two and made the bed ourselves. Say your prayers little one. Tonight the sandman will be gently rocking you to sleep.

1.1 One
1.2 Whereever I May Roam
1.3 Enter Sandman
1.4 Fade to Black
1.5 Nothing Else Matters
1.6 Battery
1.7 The Unforgiven
1.8 Master of Puppets
1.9 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
1.10 (Anesthesia) Pulling Teeth
1.11 ... and Justice for All

Metallica: Lullaby Renditions Of Metallica

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