Nikolai Moderbacher: In This Moment

Nikolai Moderbacher: In This Moment
Title: In This Moment
Label: CD Baby

'This album, titled In This Moment, is Nikolai's third and most cohesive. It has a nice earthy sound, think Chuck Berry by way of The Clash, gritty production with high emotion. His voice is totally Nick Cave on Zoloft. Really, I hesitate to even call it kids music, but I suppose when he starts singing about eating up fruits of various colors, I can't really deny the intended audience ("you can eat them plain or you can put them in a smoothie"). But aside from a few more mentions of "grandma" than your average rocker, it is a tough distinction to make. I mean, who doesn't want to "cover the world with stickers"? Nikolai's music leans far more toward the kid-friendly (as opposed to the kid-oriented) end of the spectrum, think Reggae not Raffi, The Beatles not The Backyardigans. He pulls lyrics and themes from his own experience as a father to his nine year old, like the song "Buckle it Up" born from the desperation of attempting to get kids in the car. Nikolai's folky rhythm guitar is blues-ed up by some harmonica and the occasional riffing electric guitar. Musically, this has zero resemblance to the typical saccharine goo made for kids. You need this album. You need this for all those long holiday drives coming up, this is what will get you through. If we want our kids to be musically inclined, we have to model that behavior for them (groan, when do we get to watch tv and drink champagne?). So the more we engage, be it at music class or cranking up ye old tunes and shaking it in our living rooms, the more our screen-swiping, nose-on-sleeve wiping trouble makers will do the same. ' - A Child Grows In Brooklyn.

1.1 Yellow Banana
1.2 Up ; Out
1.3 Interlude 1
1.4 Music, Sweet Music
1.5 When It Snows
1.6 Interlude 2
1.7 Buckle It Up
1.8 Stickerworld
1.9 I'm Too Much
1.10 Interlude 3
1.11 Joy to the World
1.12 Try
1.13 In This Moment
1.14 Pajamas
1.15 Interlude 4
1.16 You Are My Sunshine
1.17 Mr Rooster on Broadway

Nikolai Moderbacher: In This Moment

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