Kristen Puttagio: Sleepy Time Songs & Sing Alongs

Kristen Puttagio: Sleepy Time Songs & Sing Alongs
Title: Sleepy Time Songs & Sing Alongs
Label: CD Baby

Thank you for taking the time to consider our latest CD, titled Sleepy Time Songs and Sing Alongs. This unique collection of lullabies incorporates a variety of different musical selections including traditional lullabies, original music, instrumental pieces, and a special sing-along section. Our goal, in making this CD, was to create a musical experience that both children and adults could enjoy together. Several songs on this album are performed by singer/songwriter Kristen Puttagio, while others are performed by children. Our karaoke-style section gives parents an opportunity to sing along to their children or to just sit back and enjoy it with them. And finally, there is a 'bonus' track, titled Lullabye Mountain, which will surely appeal to adults with it's lyrics of love and tenderness, and to children with it's musical warmth. Most recently, our CD has been listed in the book review section under Noteworthy in New York's Newsday. It has also been offered through NARAS in their monthly Grammy Award Guide music catalog. We have already seen this CD find a very special place in the hearts of many families. It is the perfect gift to share with a loved one. ____ About the Producers: Steven Carniol and Kristen Puttagio, who met during their musical studies at Five Towns College, collaborated their talent and knowledge to create a special lullaby album dedicated to children and parents. Kristen received her BA in Music while continuing to study piano. She graduated Magna Cum Laude and received the award for Outstanding Achievement in Musical Theatre. She currently performs in NY regional theaters, teaches piano, and continues to compose music. Steven received a BPS in Business Management with a concentration in Audio Recording Technology. He owns his own recording studio and is currently self-employed as a recording/mastering engineer and producer. Together, they are already working on their next project: an original album of Kristen's music (which will include a version of Lullabye Mountain, a song with very special meaning to her). Keep a watch out for upcoming albums from Dreamscape Music!

1.1 Hush Darling
1.2 Simple Gift
1.3 Golden Slumber
1.4 Daydream
1.5 Rock-A-Bye Baby
1.6 Dream
1.7 Scarborough Fair
1.8 Brahms' Lullaby
1.9 The Ash Grove
1.10 Amazing Grace
1.11 Twinkle Little Star
1.12 Greensleeves
1.13 Are You Sleeping
1.14 Lullabye Mountain
1.15 Hush Darling (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.16 Golden Slumber (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.17 Rock-A-Bye Baby (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.18 Dream (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.19 Scarborough Fair (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.20 The Ash Grove (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.21 Twinkle Little Star (Sing Along/Instr.)
1.22 Lullabye Mountain (Sing Along/Instr.)

Kristen Puttagio: Sleepy Time Songs & Sing Alongs

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