Here Comes Trouble: Goo on My Shoe

Here Comes Trouble: Goo on My Shoe
Title: Goo on My Shoe
Label: CD Baby

Conservatory trained duo (and husband/wife team) Jon Babu and Kelly Donohue started Here Comes Trouble in 2005, and they've been chomping and stomping their way through the kindie music scene ever since. Inspired by the notion that kids music doesn't always have to be cute or overly simplistic, HCT's songs are an eclectic mix of pop, jazz, and hip-hop, sprinkled with traces of rockabilly, samba and punk. Influences include: - Medeski, Martin & Wood - Jimi Hendrix - Charles Mingus - Anything from the 1980s (hello, Bangles!) - Shel Silverstein - Barbershop Quartet HCT takes kids and their grown-ups on musical adventures through bogs filled with procrastinating alligators, dessertless dinners (I want dessert!) and soap-free bubble baths (where did those bubbles come from, then?). Put it all together and watch out - Here Comes Trouble!

1.1 I Want Dessert
1.2 Bubbles in My Bath
1.3 Goo on My Shoe
1.4 Little Red Car
1.5 That's Who I Am
1.6 Don't Eat the Mailman, Doggie
1.7 HCT Theme Song
1.8 Hooky
1.9 Alligator
1.10 Watermelon Felon
1.11 Spill the Beans
1.12 Hey, Dolly
1.13 Giraffin'
1.14 Robby Dobby
1.15 I Like Toys

Here Comes Trouble: Goo on My Shoe

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